New Release - DIANA 10.1

After several months of work by our development team I am proud to bring you this next version of DIANA. We continue to improve upon the new graphical user interface released in DIANA 10 - it is now possible to create a model from scratch in DIANA IE, take it through the analysis phase and on to post-processing in one streamlined process. In addition, the team have continued to expand upon DIANA's analysis capabilities - read on to see what's new.

Gerd-Jan Schreppers, CEO

  • DIANA 10.1 Release
  • Stadium
  • Masonry Bridge
  • Historic Church
  • Shell Structure
  • Masonry House
  • Reinforced Concrete - Multistorey Building
  • Reinforced Concrete - Bridge

Here's a quick summary:

Here's just a few of the great new features: 

  • Geometry data exchange
    • Import IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)
    • Autodesk Revit plug-in
    • 3D surfaces from cloud of nodes
  • Multi-language interface
  • New enhancements in modelling tools
  • New concepts for connecting bodies
  • New elements and meshing features
  • New masonry material model and many others
  • Extension of hysteretic material models 
  • Dynamic material properties graphs
  • ...
  • Enhanced analysis procedure for Young Hardening Concrete analysis
  • Perfectly Matched Layer method for energy absorption
  • New earthquake analysis features
  • Output of diverged steps
  • ...
  • Smart report generation
  • Various visualisation with slicing/cutting planes
  • Smart tabular output
  • ...

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