Young Hardening Concrete

Young Hardening Concrete

Massive castings of concrete can result in premature cracking of the structure prior to its service life. This can be especially detrimental in cases, for example, of hydraulic structures. Choice of the mix, of time and sequence of casting can help to reduce or preclude any cracking. In some cases, cooling techniques can also be used. Young hardening concrete behavior is also relevant in case of casting on a pre-existing structure, both in case of enlargement of the structure, or reparation. DIANA offers a range of young hardening concrete models and the possibility to predict cracking with linear or more detailed nonlinear analysis.


The analysis of the structure in its young age can be followed by a sequence of other analyses, which simulate different events during the life of the structure. This makes possible to model more realistically the stress state at any time in the life of the structure, and to identify possible deficiencies during construction, which may cause damage or reduce performance of the structure.

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