Purchasing Options for DIANA

The information provided below is designed to give you an overview of the many options available to DIANA clients, these options may vary depending on the sales region and are subject to change.  

Our sales team are always more than happy to discuss your requirements and can make individualised proposals based on the packages shown below.   If you would like to contact a member of the DIANA sales team to gain further information, request a quotation or order the DIANA software, please contact us at or request a quote

Type of License

Purchase:  the use of the program(s) is unlimited in time for the purchased version of the Program(s).  The right to receive support and updates is included for the first year after the purchase date.  After the first year, the availability of this "maintenance services" is only to DIANA customers with a valid maintenance contract (optional). 

Lease:  the use of the program(s) is restricted to a fixed period of time. Further, the right to receive technical support and updates (maintenance services) is included within the lease price during the lease term, unless agreed otherwise. 

Use of License

Commercial License(s):  provided to industrial entities both for commercial and research purposes.

Academic Licenses(s):  for use at universities, colleges or technical schools, either public or private.  The licenses will be used for teaching and/or research purposes only.   Academic licenses typically include all available features and modules of the software at a favourable price. 

Research License(s):  provided to accredited (and similar) research institutions.

DIANA Modules

To reflect the different usage requirements of our customers, a number of modules are available for lease or purchase. 

One License or More?

Standalone License(s):  Hardlocks, the program can be installed on an arbitrary number of computers, but the program operates only based on the presence of a key.  Softlocks are also available and in this case, the standalone usage will be based on the presence of a key.

Any license update in this case only needs to be updated on the key. The maximum number of project runs that can work with the program simultaneously is limited to one.

Network License(s): the program can be used as a multi-user application in a computer network, and it is allowed/possible to run the program in a remote session.  Maximum number of user  (project runs)  that can work with the program simultaneously is limited by the number of purchased (or leased) licenses.  In other words, any number of users can work with the program, however in a given moment there can be only as many processes occuring as there are purchased licenses.


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