DIANA Users Association

The members of the assocation are users of the TNO software program called DIANA. They have a significant interest in obtaining the knowledge in the area of the finite element method and numerical mechanics and also the further development and improvement of DIANA.



DIANA was founded in the early seventies, since the company has been commercialised in 2002 a strong relationship between both parties is still maintained.



The International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community.


Dutch Concrete Association

Association of all Dutch companies which are related to Concrete.


Dutch Center for Underground Constructions (COB)

COB is a network of companies and organisations related to underground constructions.


ICOLD - International Commission on Large Dams

A non-governmental international organisation which provides a forum for he exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering.


International Federation for Structural Concrete (CEB FIB)

Formed from the merge of the Euro-International Concrete Committee and the International Federation for Prestressing, with the objective to develop at an international level the study of scientific and practical matters capable of advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic and environmental performance of concrete construction.


Technical University of Delft

TU Delft collaborates with a large number of other educational and research institutes within the Netherlands and abroad and has a reptuation for high-quality teaching and research.  From Day 1, TNO DIANA BV has maintained a close link with the various faculties within "TU Delft".


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