Reinforced Concrete Course (10-13 October 2017)

Dates: Tuesday, 10 October to Friday, 13 October 2017

Venue: DIANA FEA BV, Delftechpark 19a, 2628XJ, Delft, The Netherlands

Language: English  

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DIANA FEA BV is pleased to invite you to its training course on the Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures. The training course consists of a balanced mixture of lectures and hands-on computer analyses with the DIANA finite element software.

Course Description


  • The course focuses on the application of the finite element method in the structural analysis of concrete structures. The lectures will be followed by exercises to provide participants with hands-on experience relevant to the presented theory
  • Particular attention will be given to the nonlinear analysis of (reinforced and fiber reinforced) concrete structures with special emphasis on crack modelling, creep and shrinkage effect, model code design checks, fire analysis, and pre/post-tensioning of concrete segments. Delegates will learn good-practice in nonlinear finite element analysis. Consideration will also be given to the criteria needed in choosing from the different crack models that are available, convergence criteria, and specification of the relevant corresponding parameters.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for practicing engineers or academics who wish to learn more about finite element analysis techniques using DIANA. The course content will be relevant to current and potential users of finite element software and engineers involved in consultancy services.

Course Tutors

Dr Maziar Partovi (DIANA FEA BV)

Dr Jean-Claude Bauruelle (DIANA FEA BV)
Dr Denise Ferreira (DIANA FEA BV)  


We are delighted to be introducing our new, state of the art and fully integrated, pre/post processing grahical user interface which will streamline future workflow.

Exercises and case studies are based on the DIANA software. DIANA (DIsplacement ANAlyzer) is an extensive multi-purpose finite element software package that is dedicated, but not exclusive, to analysis of a wide range of problems arising in civil and oil & gas engineering including structural, geotechnical, tunnelling, and earthquake engineering disciplines.


  • Timing for the course on each day is: 9.00am - 5.30pm
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop. Please ensure that your laptop meets the minimum requirements as described on our support page
  • Lunches and refreshments are provided

Outline Agenda

It is not necessary to attend all four days of the course. For new users, however, it is advisable to attend the first day to gain a basic understanding of the software in order to continue on to days 2, 3 and/or 4.

10 October 2017 (day 1)

  • Introduction to DIANA
  • 3D DIANA modelling (Geometry, Meshing and Post-processing features)
  • Scripting - Python in DIANA
  • Heat staggered analysis (thermo-stress analysis)
  • Hands-on exercises

11 October (day 2)

  • Nonlinear analysis procedures
  • Concrete and crack models
  • Modelling of reinforcement
  • Hands-on exercises

12 October (day 3)

  • Introduction to stiffness adaptation method and design module 
  • Simulation of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) structures 
  • Modelling of creep and shrinkage

13 October (day 4)

  • Workshop (Bring your own modelling problems and we will help you solve them!)


  Fee Student Fee
1 day attendance €400 €200
2 day attendance €600 €300
3 day attendance €900 €400
4 day attendance €1100 €500


  • Prices exclude VAT
  • Students are asked to provide evidence that they are enrolled in a relevant programme of study in order to qualify for the reduced enrolment fee


To enrol for this course please use the REGISTRATION PAGE. To request further information about the course please contact us via