An Overview on the New Release - DIANA 10.3
Event Date
27 March 2019 @ 3pm CET

Language:  English

Registration:  Free

Presenter:  Maziar Partovi, DIANA FEA bv

This webinar will give an overview on powerful and unique features of new release of DIANA 10.3. 
The release consists of: 

  • Updated Python version 
  • Restructured user manual 
  • New and updated tutorials 
  • Optimizing, cleaning and healing geometry components 
  • Importing CAD files (DXF, DWG) 
  • New action dialogue box 
  • Object oriented color control 
  • Pile-set wizard 
  • TBM modelling compliance 
  • Incremental meshing method 
  • Enhanced and updated Model Code material libraries 
  • Generation of function values 
  • Assessment of bridges 
  • Strength reduction analysis for TSC model 
  • Water management tool 
  • Concrete swelling analysis (AAR) 
  • Cross Section Design Checking Analysis 
  • Variation of hydrostatic loads based on time function 
  • Comprehensive set of output parameters and results 
  • Results in axial coordinate system 
  • Animations on results 
  • Much more… 

This webinar is open to the public and no registration fee is required.

Completed - See the Recording