13th International DIANA Users Meeting
Event Date
22-23 May 2019

The 13th International DIANA Users Meeting will be held in Trondheim, Norwegian, hosted by the NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and organized by the DIANA Users Association, 22-23 May 2019. Trondheim is a thriving city and centre of knowledge with a highly respected university, many popular colleges and research communities ranking among the best in Europe. You will find a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities here, while work and education options abound. Trondheim is well accessible from European airports.

The aim of the DIANA Users meeting is to provide a forum for exchanging experiences with DIANA and for discussing users needs. The meeting also offers the possibility to learn more about current and future developments in the DIANA software program.

The DIANA Users Association is honoured to invite you to attend this event.


The following DIANA topics are encouraged but contributions need not be limited to these subjects only.

  • Design and analysis of structures
  • Assessment of loading capacity of structures
  • Soil structure interaction
  • Dynamic analysis/Earthquakes
  • Geo-mechanics for Oil and Gas
  • Modelling from simple to advanced
  • Concrete Mechanics
  • Geotechnical Analysis

The annual DIANA User Meeting offers an excellent opportunity to meet the DIANA FEA team and your FEA colleagues from different countries, to exchange experiences and to discuss your challenges. The meeting brings together the international DIANA network in an open, inspiring and encouraging atmosphere. Struggling with a seemingly unsolvable problem? The Users meeting provides lots of opportunities to discuss your hurdles with other FEA experts. Bring your problem to the meeting, or send it to us on beforehand (info@dianausers.nl).

User Case Student Contest

DIANA is being used for all kinds of exciting research or construction projects. We’d like to bring these projects together, and invite all DIANA users to send in a project you’re proud of. Each project will be presented with a poster (A2 or 2A3) and pitched with a 3 minute presentation. In order to encourage you, the ‘best’ project will be awarded, to be elected by an independent jury, with a tablet. Conditions for participation and submission will be shared later on; please show your interest to participate in the contest on the registration form.

Users Association Lustrum Contest

To celebrate the 7th lustrum of the DIANA Users Association, a contest is organized, in which participants are challenged to predict the (shear) failure behaviour of reinforced concrete beams with both analytical and numerical methods. Contest Information will be available as soon as possible on the website of the Association.


Three special sessions are scheduled. The first session focuses on the Lustrum Contest. The second session focuses on Parametric Modeling. The third session focuses on the E39: Norway’s coastal highway E39, part of the European trunk road system. The proposed ferry free route runs along the western coast of Norway, from Kristiansand in the south to Trondheim in central Norway, a distance of almost 500 km. The Wednesday will be closed by a Social Event and a dinner.

Beside the special session, the event offers space for user lectures related to the entire field of DIANA applications. Traditionally, this yields a highly interesting and inspiring mix of academia and application. The usual User Wishes session will be held after the lecture session on Thursday afternoon. During this session, User Association  activities will be highlighted probably in relation to upcoming features of the new Release of DIANA considered.