Simulating the Cyclic Response of RC Structural Members using Low-Computational Coarse Mesh Models
Event Date
19 November 2020 @ 4pm CET


Oriol ArnauLanguage:  English

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Presenter: Dr Oriol Arnau, Iktes Laboratorio Virtual de Estructuras, Mexico



Predicting the dynamic response of reinforced concrete buildings is a difficult task due to the multiple, and complex phenomena involved.   It requires an appropriate consideration of the cyclic response presented by the different structural elements, and connections, as damage initiates and propagates. This requirement is particularly relevant for those buildings designed to dissipate energy through the damage of their structural members. 

Example of Dynamic Response of RCCurrent nonlinear FE software, such as DIANA, allows the engineer to create a highly detailed model of the complete building.   Nevertheless, the calculation of mid to high height building models can be computationally demanding – with it necessary to determine optimum FE configurations that maximize the precision / computation cost ratio. 

This webinar presents the results, and conclusions, of investigations focused on determining the optimal numerical configuration to reproduce the cyclic response of the reinforced concrete structural elements.   Experimental tests on shear walls, coupled beams, and steel reinforcement are simulated using different material models, properties and mesh sizes – concluding with the most suitable configurations suggested in DIANA FEA for modelling complete buildings. 

Dr Oriol Arnau gained his PhD at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya before taking up a role as a Research Structural Engineer at UNAM focusing on dynamic analysis of buildings and ground-structure interaction of tunnels.  He is now the CEO of Iktes Structures Virtual Laboratory

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