Online Course:  Nonlinear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Event Period:  Monday, 7th June > Tuesday, 22nd June 

Language:  English

Cost: €200-€300 per module (see further details below)

Kenniseenheden:  Constructeursregister:  6 KE/PE-punten 

This 6-module online course focuses on the application of the finite element method when dealing with structural analysis of (reinforced) concrete structures. Emphasis is placed upon nonlinear analysis of (reinforced) concrete structures, with a spotlight on crack modelling, and failure analysis.  Delegates will learn good practice in nonlinear finite element analysis, and also the criteria for choosing the correct crack model from those available, how to converge criteria, and the setting of corresponding parameters.

Who Should Attend?

Practicing engineers, or academics who are moving into the area of Finite Element Analysis using DIANA, or those who need to refresh their knowledge.  Basic knowledge of the finite element method is assumed - however, for Module G-1, no other background knowledge is required.

Course Format

The course is divided into 6 modules, each module will be approximately 2.5hrs in length, and will include lectures, live demos or insights, and discussions. After each course, a one hour follow up Q&A session will be programmed (within the next three working days), with one of our experts.   During this Q&A session, you will have the opportunity to address your questions.


Each course module can be purchased separately (assuming that you fulfil the minimum level requirement).  The complete course can be offered at a discounted price of 1500 EUR.  Additional discounts can be organised for group attendance (more than three persons), for more information please contact us.

Module G-1 - Getting Started with DIANA FEA

Module I-1 - Python Scripting and Automatization in DIANA

Module I-2 - Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis in DIANA

Module I-3 - Reinforced Concrete Analysis in DIANA

Module I-4 - Thermo-Stress Analysis in DIANA

Module I-5 - Heat of Hydration & Early Age Concrete Cracking Analysis

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