3-Dimensional Analysis of EPB TBM Operation in Close Proximity to Pile Foundations

Mahmoud Sepehrmanesh, Verya Nasri (AECOM); Maziar Partovi (TNO DIANA BV)

This paper presents an assessment of the impact of tunneling and its associated risks on pile foundations located in the influence zone of tunneling operation. Tunneling in proximity of pile foundations introduces deformations in piles and in turn induces additional axial and bending forces. In modern mechanized tunneling, ground convergence is controlled through balancing the earth pressure at the tunnel face as well as applying pressurized bentonite through the shield. Reducing ground deformation can consequently lower the additional deformations and forces developed in the pile foundation and lessen the associated construction risk. In this paper, comprehensive detailed finite element modeling was performed to quantify the effect of the different parameters on induced forces in piles. Finite element models took into account the nonlinear behavior of soil and pile-soil interface. The modeling results are of practical importance in risk evaluation of tunneling in vicinity of pile foundations. 

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