DIANA Sustainable Goals

DIANA Sustainable Goals

Safer Structure with less raw materials
Global population growth, exponential development of urban areas and increased use of resources, are critically impacting our environment.  At DIANA we are committed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with our products, our services and our behavior. We want to create a safer and more sustainable world.

DIANA Sustainable Development Goals

Extensive and large  amount of applications in the energy domain

Crucial contribution to the building of resilient infrastructure

Essential contribution to safe, resilient and sustainable cities

Making a difference

Creating concrete insights

As a software development company focused on Finite Element Analysis, our goal is to utilize our expertise to help engineers better understand, meet, and surpass, any concrete engineering challenges.

With our advanced 3D modeling software, engineers gain in depth insights of concrete infrastructures, which help them to design safer and more resistant structures while using fewer raw materials. They are making a difference today and in the future! 

Reducing Carbon Footprints

Reduction of C02 emissions in our DNA

Our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint is reflected in our internal code of conduct, and in our individual behaviors. 

As a company, we recognize our role within society and aim to act responsible.

Green Office

Reduction of C02 emissions in our DNA

Our newly refurbished headquarters is designed with the environment in mind – with a range of recycled and sustainable materials.

We apply sustainable measure as much as possible, using green electricity, energy efficient lighting, waste sorting/recycling and more.  

Meaningful Social Impact

Encourage community involvement

At DIANA we strive to positively impact other communities. We believe that it is essential to give back to our communities, and we encourage our employees to volunteer for the non-profit programs of their choice.

We engage directly with some volunteering program such as Habitat for Humanity.