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Flexural Design of Elevated Slabs Made of FRC According fib Model Code 2010: A Case Study L Facconi, A Conforti, F Minelli, G A Plizzari (Universita degli Studi di Brescia) 2020
Experimental assessment and damage modelling of hybrid timber beam-to-steel column connections under cyclic loading L F Sirumbal-Zapata, C Malaga-Chuquitaype, A Y Elghazouli (Imperial College London) 2019
A parametric investigation on applicability of the curved shell finite element model to the nonlinear response prediction of planar RC walls Farhad Dashti, Rajesh P Dhakal, Stefano Pampanin, Canterbury University 2019
Design & Stability of Slender Concrete Columns Determination of the Nominal Stiffness including Physical and Geometrical Nonlinearity in the Finite Element Analysis P R Kuzin (University of Eindhoven) 2019
Optimizing Finite Element Models for Concrete Bridge Assessment with Proof Loading Testing E O L Lantsoght (Universidad San Francisco de Quito); A de Boer (Ane de Boer Consultancy); C van der Veen, D A Hordijk (Delft University of Technology) 2019
Bubbled Rolled Compacted Concrete Dam E K Mohamed, E A Khalil (Construction Research Institute, Egypt) 2019
Seismic assessment of a dam-foundation-reservoir system using Endurance Time Analysis J W Salamon (US Bureau of Reclamation); M A Hariri-Ardebili (Univ. Colorado); H E Estekanchi, M R Masheykhi (Sharif Univ. of Technology) 2019
Retrofitting Unreinforced Masonry Buildings with a Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composite to Enhance Seismic Resistance M Kotze (Univ. Stellenbosch); G C van Rooyen (Univ. Stellenbosch); G P A G van Zijl (Univ. Stellenbosch) 2019
Design and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams using NLFEA A A van den Bos, P van der Aa (DIANA FEA) 2019
Validation of beams for MC2020 Using DIANA FEA A A van den Bos, P van der Aa (DIANA FEA) 2019
Slabs and Plates: (Un)expected nonlinear capacity explained A A van den Bos, P van der Aa (DIANA FEA) 2019
Safety Approach for Tunnel Lining Calculations in 3D-Contiuum Models Y A B F Liem, J T S Vervoort, M H A Brugman (Arthe Civil & Structure); M Partovi (DIANA FEA) 2019
The Rijnlandroute bored tunnel - Continuously improving the mechanized tunneling process H Mortier (Dimco); M Brugman (Arthe C & S); B Peerdeman (RHDHV); T Schubert (Vinci) 2019
Numerical investigations on the system behaviour of a ductile shotcrete lining with yielding elements A L Hammer, M Thewes (Ruhr Univ. Bochum) 2019
Explosive Spalling in Reinforced Concrete Tunnels Exposed to Fire: Experimental Assessment and Numerical Modelling F Lo Monte, R Felicetti (Politecnico di Milano); A Meda (Univ. degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata); A Bortolussi (Bakaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions) 2019
Nucleation and Arrest of Dynamic Rupture Induced by Reservoir Depletion L Buijze (TNO/Utrecht University), P A J van der Bogert (Shell Global Solutions), B B T Wassing (TNO), B Orlic (TNO) 2019
The influence of vibration duration on the structure of irregular RC buildings Filip Pachla, Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara, Tadeusz Tatara, Krzysztof Stypula (Cracow University of Technology) 2019
Crack initiation and propagation in unreinforced masonry specimens subjected to repeated in-plane loading during light damage Paul A Korswagen, Michele Longo, Edwin Meulman, Jan G Rots (Delft University of Technology) 2019
Assessment of Infra Structures using DIANA FEA A A van den Bos, P van der Aa, C Frissen (DIANA FEA) 2019
Ultimate capacity of corroded statically indeterminate reinforced concrete members Ignasi Fernandez (Chalmers); Manuel F Herrador (Universidad de Coruna); Antonio R Mari, Jesus M Bairan (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) 2018
The impact of backfill quality on soil-steel composite bridge response under seismic excitation T Maleska, D Beben (Opole University of Technology) 2018
Seismic performance of bridges during the 2016 Central Italy earthquakes L di Sarno (University of Sannio); F da Porto (University of Padua), G Guerrini (University of Pavia); P M Calvi (University of Washington); G Camata (University of Chieti-Pescara); A Prota (University of Naples Federico II) 2018
Crack initiation and propagation in unreinforced masonry structures subjected to repeated load and earthquake vibrations Paul A Korswagen, Edwin Meulman, Michele Longo, Jan G Rots (Delft University of Technology) 2018
Global behaviour of coupled unreinforced masonry-reinforced concrete wall structures H Degee, F Frederickx, B Vandoren (Hasselt University) 2018
Modelling of Masonry Arches Strengthened at Extrados with FRCM E Ricci (University of Cassino); D V Oliveira (University of Minho); E Sacco (University of Naples Frederico II); B Ghiassi (Delft University of Technology) 2018
Numerical Modelling of the Bond Behaviour of FRCM systems externally applied to masonry substrates E Bertolesi, G Milani (Politecnico di Milano); E Grande (University Guglielmo Marconi) 2018
Effects of New Openings on the In-plane Behavior of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Walls M Y Ona Vera, G Metelli (University of Brescia); J A O Barros, G Plizzari (University of Minho) 2018
Historic and Modern Earthen Structures: Challenges and Recent Research P B Lourenco, R A Silva, D V Oliveira (University of Minho) 2018
Nonlinear finite element analysis of an unreinforced masonry building damaged in the 2010-2011 Christchurch earthquake swarm C Allen, M J Masia (University of Newcastle); D Dizhur, J M Ingham (University of Auckland) 2018
Numerical Study on Partially-reinforced Semi-dressed stone masonry for build-back-better in Nepal J K Bothara (Miyamoto International NZ Ltd); I Giongo, J Ingham, D Dizhur (University of Auckland) 2018
Experimental and numerical approach for strengthening masonry arches: the RAM - Reinforced Arch Method L Jurina, E O Radaelli (Politecnico di Milano) 2018
Mechanical characterization of masonry on the macro scale from experimental testing and numerical meso scale modelling L Bejarano-Urrego, E Verstrynge, N van Roy, N Shetty, A Drougkas, K van Balen (KU Leuven); G Giardina (University of Bath) 2018
Numerical analysis of mortar incorporating the variation in poisson's ratio with increasing axial load A Lubeck, G Mohamad (Federal University of Santa Maria); F S Fonseca (Brigham Young University); A S Milani (Federal University of Pampa); H R Roman (Federal University of Santa Catarina) 2018
Prediction of in-plane shear capacity of perforated URM walls: Nonlinear finite element modelling compared with the NZSEE formula M K Howlader, M J Masia (University of Newcastle); M C Griffith (University of Adelaide) 2018
Numerical Simulation of the Experimental Results of the Seismic Strengthening of Existing Structures 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering 2018
Finite Element Model of Masonry-Infilled RC Frame Christiana A Fillipou, Nicholas C Kyriakides, Christis Z Chyrsostomou, Elpida S Georgiou (Cyprus University of Technology) 2018
SF+RC Modelling using DIANA FEA A van den Bos, S Dhanmehere (DIANA FEA); Y Dai (TU Delft) 2018
FEA of Masonry Buildings by Means of a New Optimised Indirect NLTH Method A van den Bos, A Garofano (DIANA FEA) 2018
Seismic assessment of the medieval Armenian church in Famagusta, Cyprus A B Braga, P B Lourenco, N Mendes (University of Minho) 2018
Guidelines for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Structures RTD 1016:-1:2017 Rijkswaterstaat 2017
Validation of the Guidelines for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Structures Part: Reinforced Beams RTD 1016-3A:2017 Rijkswaterstaat 2017
Validation of the Guidelines for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Structures Part: Slabs RTD 1016-3C:2017 Rijkswaterstaat 2017
Validation of the Guidelines for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Structures Part: Pre-stressed beams RTD 1016-3B:2017 Rijkswaterstaat 2017
Experimental and Measurement Methods for Smale-Scale Model Testing of Lateral and Torsional Stability Jong-Han Lee (Daegu University); Yong Myung park, Chi-Young Jung, Jae-Bong Kim (Pusan National University) 2017
Flexural strengthening of concrete structures with prestressed FRP composite P Ahlgren, J Edwijn (Chalmers University of Technology) 2017
Structural Performance Evaluation of a Precast PSC Curved Girder Bridge Constructed using Multi-Tasking Formwork Sung-Jae Kim, Jang-Ho Jay Kim (Yonsei University); Seong-Tae Yi (Inha Technical College); Norhazilan Bid Md Noor (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), Sung-Chul Kim (Yonsei University) 2016
Finite element parametric study of reinforced concrete beams shear-strengthened with embedded FRP bars M Qapo, S Dirar, Y Jemaa (University of Birmingham) 2016
Seismic analysis of a concrete dam with a complex configuration: Nonlinear, time history of Mt Bold Dam Seismic analysis of a concrete dam with a complex configuration: Nonlinear, time history of Mt Bold Dam 2016
Seismic safety assessment of a weir dam and appurtenant structures - 3D static and dynamic analyses Anton Tzenkov & Aissa Mellal, Stucky 2016
Safety Assessment of an Arch-Gravity dam with a Horizontal crack Armin Hadrovic, Mili Selimotic (University Dzemal Bijedic); Maziar Partovi (TNO DIANA BV) 2016