Bondslip reinforcements and pile foundations​

TitleBondslip Reinforcements and Pile Foundations
Author(s)Gerd-Jan Schreppers, TNO DIANA BV
PublishedJanuary 2015
Keywordsbond-slip, bondslip, embedded reinforcement


In the embedded reinforcement concept in DIANA the reinforcement particles share the displacement degrees of freedom with the continuum elements in which they are located. As a consequence no relative displacement between reinforcement and continuum element is allowed. For applications such as pull-out of anchors, post-tensioning of cables in concrete and even pile foundations, the frictional slip between bar and concrete or pile and soil is essential. Therefore, the concept of slipping reinforcements has been developed in DIANA as an alternative to the embedded reinforcement concept.

In this paper the concept of slipping reinforcements is defined, which combines the efficient use of defining line reinforcements independent from the continuum elements connectivity, with slip between the line reinforcement and the continuum element.

There are two main applications for slipping reinforcements:

  • Bond-slip of a steel reinforcement bar in concrete continuum
  • Concrete pile in soil

For reading this paper it is recommended to read the white paper about ‘Embedded reinfor-cements’ first.