Bubbled rolled compacted concrete dam

E K Mohamed, E A Khalil (Construction Research Institute, Egypt)

The Rolled compacted Concrete is widely used due to its relatively low cost and its speed of construction. However, the RCC dam requires high soil (rock) bearing capacity. The aim of this research is to rationalize the amount of material used in the dam by creating inner voids, on the shape of bubbles. The bubbles introduced must ensure that it will not affect the stability of the dam. The bubbles will reduce the self-weight of the dam and minimize the required soil (rock) bearing capacity. A system for drainage pipes connects the bubbles to ensure non-desired full/partially filled bubbles. The proposed dam would save about 12% of the required concrete. Different construction methods are studied and the best alternative was the use of precast hollow boxes; this decreases the in-situ RCC placed in the dam location by 32.5%. The objective is to speed the construction process and minimize the risk in the heat of hydration.

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