There are two ways to generate a C2V file.

  • Using Sentinel Admin Control Center
  • Using DIANA HASP RUS utility

The DIANA HASP RUS utility can handle any situation but is complicated to use.

Using Sentinel Admin Control Center

Go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html. If this site is not available then the HASP driver is probably not installed on the system. To install the HASP driver see:

On this page you will see the Sentinel Keys available to the system. The example below shows an SL AdminMode softlock key available on the system.

Local softlock in Sentinel Admin Control Center


At the end of each key record there is a C2V button. Click this button to download the C2V file.

In case there is no existing key available on the system you will see:

Fingerprint in Sentinel Admin Control Center

For a new license key a fingerprint is required as C2V file. Only fingerprints for "Vendor" 3659 as shown above will work. If you don't see any line with "Vendor" 3659 then you need to install the hasp driver as described on

In the following example two lines are shown in Sentinel Admin Control Center.

Sentinel Admin Control Center with two key lines

As you can see only the bottom line has "Vendor" 3659. That's the line you should work with. So in this case, generate a C2V.

Using DIANA HASP RUS utility

To create a C2V file using the DIANA HASP RUS utility you need to have:

Check if the HASP driver is installed by opening Sentinel Admin Control Center at http://localhost:1947/_int_/about.html. At the bottom of this page you can see the version number of the HASP driver which should be or later.

If you have an existing key that needs to be updated, go to the Sentinel Keys menu at http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html and check that the key is shown in the list of keys presented. Keys delivered by DIANA FEA BV have a vendor ID value of 3659 or DIANA FEA BV. If the key location is not Local it cannot be updated. In that case move the key to the current system or update the key using the remote system.

If all is OK start the dianahasprus.exe executable from the extracted file.  Go to the Collect Status information tab. 


At the bottom select the proper Collect information option:

  • Update of existing protection key
  • Installation of new protection key

If you are going to use the C2V file for installation of a new softlock protection key on the local system select "Installation of new protection key". In all other cases select "Update of existing protection key". The existing protection key needs to be connected to the local system.

Click collect Information. You will get a pop-up window where you can choose the location to save the C2V file.