Considerations for systems running DIANA​

As you may have noticed we did not publish a minimum requirements sheet for DIANA and related products. The reason for not doing this is that the system requirements depend on the jobs the users want to run. To help customers detemine a proper system for the workload we have some recommendations and guidelines. Finally […]

Supported Platforms​

DIANA is supported on the following platforms: Hardware Operating System Compilers used x86-64 Microsoft® Windows– 10 (64 bit)– 11 (64 bit)– Server 2016– Server 2019– Server 2022 Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit 2022.1Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit 2022.1Microsoft® Visual Studio Pro 2019 (Version 16.8.4) x86-64 Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®– 8.6CentOS® Stream– 8.6 Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2020 […]