Considerations for systems running DIANA​

The system requirements for running DIANA depend on the jobs the users want to run. To help customers determine a proper system for the workload we have some recommendations and guidelines. Finally example configurations to help new users/customers get started with a serious but affordable system. GRAPHICS DIANA makes use of OpenGL for displaying graphical […]

Supported Platforms​

DIANA is supported on the following platforms: Hardware Operating System Compilers used x86-64 Microsoft® Windows– 10 (64 bit)– 11 (64 bit)– Server 2016– Server 2019– Server 2022 Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit 2022.2Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit 2022.2Microsoft® Visual Studio Pro 2019 (Version 16.11.24) x86-64 Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®– 8.8CentOS® Stream– 8.6 Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit 2022.3Intel® […]