Bondslip reinforcements and pile foundations​

Title Bondslip Reinforcements and Pile Foundations Author(s) Gerd-Jan Schreppers, TNO DIANA BV Published January 2015 Pages 5 Keywords bond-slip, bondslip, embedded reinforcement Summary In the embedded reinforcement concept in DIANA the reinforcement particles share the displacement degrees of freedom with the continuum elements in which they are located. As a consequence no relative displacement between […]

Embedded reinforcements​

Title Embedded Reinforcements Author(s) Gerd-Jan Schreppers, TNO DIANA BV Published January 2011 – Updated January 2015 Pages 5 Keywords Reinforcements, Pre-stressing, Post-tensioning Summary This paper explains the concept and application of embedded reinforcements in DIANA. Basic assumptions and definitions, the pre-processing for bars and grids in combination with different element-families will be discussed, as well pre-stress […]

Practical recommendations for nonlinear structural analysis in DIANA​

Title Practical Recommendations for Nonlinear Structural Analysis in DIANA Author(s) Kesio Palacio Published July 2013 Pages 8 Keywords Analysis procedures, nonlinear analysis, convergence, solution method Summary This paper presents some practical recommendations for nonlinear structural analysis in DIANA. After presenting the basic convergence issues, practical recommendations for both modelling considerations and analysis procedures of a […]

Frequency response analysis of a generic dam-fluid-foundation model​

Title Frequency Response Analysis of a Generic Dam-Fluid-Foundation Model Author(s) Dr Pranesh Chatterjee, MASCE Published June 2013 Pages 5 Keywords Fluid-Dam-Foundation Interaction, Frequency Response Analysis, Bottom Absorption, Damping, Sommerfeld Radiation, Flexible Foundation Summary The objective of this paper is to perform frequency response analysis of a generic dam resting on a foundation. The foundation is […]

Design checks and nonlinear response in a box girder bridge​

Title Design Checks & Nonlinear Response of a Full 3D Model of a Box Girder Bridge Author(s) Chantal Frissen, Gerd-Jan Schreppers & Ane de Boer (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)  Published May 2013 Pages 8 Keywords box-girder bridge, post-tensioning, finite elements analysis, design and strengthening, 3D solid model Summary This paper presents a new […]

Strength reduction analysis​

Title Strength Reduction Analysis Author(s) Pranesh Chatterjee & Ahmed Elkadi Published June 2012 Pages 3 Keywords   Summary This paper explains the basic theory, concept and application of strength reduction method relevant to geotechnical engineering practices. Some simple models on slope stability are developed in DIANA in two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces and the results are […]

Prediction of crack-width & crack-pattern​

Title Prediction of Crack-width and Crack-pattern Author(s) Gerd-Jan Schreppers, Chantal Frissen & Hee-Jeong Kang, TNO DIANA BV Published November 2011 Pages 12 Keywords Crack pattern, crack width, stiffness adaptation, STADAP Summary This paper explains the stiffness adaptation analysis procedure in DIANA. The stiffness adaptation method is explained and compared with standard nonlinear iterative approach for […]

Linear equation solvers​

Title Linear Equation Solvers Author(s) Gerd-Jan Schreppers – TNO DIANA BV Published January 2011 Pages 7 Keywords Performance, Hardware, Iterative Solver, Direct Solver, Pardiso, Domdec Summary This paper explains the procedures for solving linear set of equations in DIANA. In linear and implicit nonlinear finite element analysis the required memory and analysis time for large models […]