Cavern roof stability-mechanism of arching and stabilization by rockbolting

Ziping Huanga & Einar Broch (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Geology and Mineral Resources, Trondheim, Norway) Ming Lu (SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering, Trondheim, Norway)

For stabilizing of rock cavern roof arches, tensioned rockbolts should be used with caution since they may have a negative influence on the stability of the arch. A proper design of rockbolts should therefore be based on a clear understanding of both the features of rockbolt reinforcement and the mechanism of the rock roof arch structure. For this purpose the mechanism of a rock cavern roof arch is studied and effects of different types of rockbolts are evaluated. Numerical modeling of rockbolt support of the Xiaolangdi powerhouse cavern as well as application of arching theory are carried out with the objective to study the effects of fully grouted rockbolts and tensioned cable anchors in reinforcing the cavern roof and walls, and on the forming of the roof arch.

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