Comparative Study of Structural Material Quantities of High-Rise Residential Buildings

Sang Bum Kim (Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Steel Structure Research Laboratory, Hwasung, Korea) Young Hak Lee (DongYang Structural Engineers Co. Ltd, Seoul, Korea) Andrew Scanlon (Department of Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA)

A major factor in the selection of the structural system for a high-rise building is the initial construction cost of candidate structural systems. In Korea, composite steel and concrete construction, and cast-in-place concrete flat plate construction are the most commonly used structural systems. However, there is a lack of data related to the relative construction costs of these two structure types. This paper compares material quantities for representative building models up to 80 stories in height using both types of structural system. Based on a typical floor plan, six models are developed and the buildings are designed for gravity and lateral loading. Quantities of materials for each model are calculated and compared. The information presented can be used with appropriate cost data to compare construction costs for the two structural system types.

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