Concrete excavation for patch repair: Non-linear modelling of propped and unpropped conditions

T.D.G. Canisius (BRE Ltd, Bucknalls Lane, Garston, Watford, England)

DIANA offers the possibility to conduct phased analyses of construction processes. This paper presents an exercise at utilising this capability to model the excavation of concrete and the subsequent filling up of the void with new material during the patch repair of a reinforced concrete structure. A particular difficulty was that the model, which was not developed with the repair analysis in mind, consisted of embedded reinforcements which were to be exposed during excavation. As embedded reinforcements need mother elements, and would not function without them, it was necessary to devise a way to overcome this problem. This paper presents the methodology adopted and some analytical results from the conducted exercise. The analyses considered the non-linear behaviour of concrete, including cracking.

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