With resources being at a premium, and time always being a critical issue in all organisations, a reliable partner who can help understand  and execute your projects is often all you need. Whether you require help in setting up models and reports, or the execution of complete jobs, there is a tailored service to meet your requirements.

At DIANA FEA BV we have highly qualified and experienced personnel who are already helping to lighten the burden of expediting projects.  If you believe that this is a solution for your future plans then please do not hesitate to contact us (Sales@dianafea.com) with your questions, drawings and background information.

DIANA FEA BV in the Netherlands, and its subsidiaries in the UK and North America, offer a wide range of consulting services based on many years of experience using DIANA. The Company is involved in analyses projects with advanced applications that focus on aspects of computational mechanics. In addition, we carry out research projects that lead to future extensions or enhancements to DIANA, or result in special versions of the DIANA program.

Currently, important research areas include:

  • Coupled/Multiphysics problems: mechanics of porous media, spalling of concrete, freezing of ground and young hardening concrete
  • Borehole stability problems
  • Constitutive modeling of concrete
  • Settlement damage on concrete and masonry constructions
  • Pipelines
  • Earthquake analysis

DIANA FEA BV carries out analysis consultancy services on behalf of its clients, or other parties, which include the modelling, analysis, interpretation and presentation of results in report or other formats. This work is done with the DIANA software. The main expertise of our analysis consultancy work is in Structural, Geotechnical, and Oil & Gas Engineering. Some recently completed projects are:

  • Nonlinear Shell-element FE analysis of Heteren viaduct (Structural/Bridge)
  • Earthquake failure analysis of a 3D Highrise building (Earthquake)
  • Aleppo Cement Storage Silo – Design checks (Structural)
  • Cracking of reinforced concrete slabs (Structural)
  • Buckling of cemented wellbore casing (Oil and Gas)
  • Implementation of compaction/decompaction dependent elastic stiffness (Oil and Gas)
  • Seismic Analysis for Greater Cairo Metro Line 3, Annexed Structures (Earthquake)
  • 3D Analysis of Pentominium Residential Development Piled Raft (Foundations)
  • 3D Analysis of Palazzo Versace and D1 Tower Piled Raft (Foundations)
  • 3D Analysis of Dubai Tower Piled Raft (Foundations)
  • 3D Analysis of Colindale Shaft (Tunnels)
  • 3D Analysis Burj Plot 38 Piled raft (Foundations)

Maziar Partovi - Commercial Director