Established in the 13th Century, home to Delft Blue and full of Historical Gems, Great Bars and Restaurants


Home to the World Renowned Technical University of Delft, and many National and International Technical Organisations

About DelftTNO and latterly DIANA FEA BV has been based in Delft since the 1970s.   The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Delft is Delftware pottery - but there's a lot more to it than that!   For visitors to our office we have put together here a set of useful links including hotels, transport details, places to visit and other items of interest in the region.





About DelftThe City of Delft received its charter in 1246 and by 1572 was the seat of William of Orange, it has kept its close links with the Royal Family (the house of Orange-Nassau) since that time.  

In the 13th and 14th centuries the city grew rich from weaving and trade but nowadays it has grown into a technology based city being home to both the Technical University of Delft and TNO (the Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).

In its centre is a small city where day-trippers stroll its narrow, canal-lined streets and relax in the many street-side bars and restaurants.

For a detailed guides of things to see and events taking place in the City see the Delft Tourism website.   Alternatively if you would like to take a trip "further afield" check out the tourism sites for The Hague, RotterdamAmsterdam or Holland's main tourism site.

Where is it and How do we get Around?

Delft is nestled between Rotterdam (15km) and the Hague (10km) and is easily accessible by car, train and even bicycle from both!  We're about 45 minutes by car (or train) from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), or just 15 minutes by car from Rotterdam "the Hague" Airport.  If you're coming from the UK, you can even arrive by overnight ferry and be with us within 30 minutes.

Useful transport websites:  

About Delftwww.ns.nl  the national rail transport website

www.9292ov.nl journey planner for all of your trips, by foot, tram, bus, car and even ferry!

About DelftTaxiDelft - local taxi company in Delft

From November 2014 a new service became available in Delft.  The "DAM DELFT SHUTTLE", a small fleet of Tuk Tuk's are now available to transport you to, from and within the TU Delft Campus, Delftechpark and Technopolis between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00.   The cost of this service is currently €1.50 for journeys 0-3km, and €3.00 for journeys of 3-6km.  To book, just call 06 211 42 987, or see the DAM Nederland website for more information. 

Where would you like to stay?

As you can imagine, Delft attracts a wide range of visitors from all walks of life, and with that in mind the City has a wide range of hotels from bed & breakfasts to five star hotels.  These are just a few, with an estimate of the nightly rate, which our visitors have used in the past:

Hotel/Website Rating* & Description Location Distance to DIANA FEA BV Parking Availability Approximate Cost

Hostel Delft 


4 out of 5


"Cheap & clean"

Centre of Old Delft (11 min walk from station)

2.9km Local parking garages at own cost from €22 per night 

Hotel Royal Bridges 


4 out of 5

Small Hotel & Apartments

"Quiet & Comfortable" 

Centre of Old Delft (8 min walk from station)

2.8km Local parking garages at own cost from €61 per night 

The Leeuwenbrug 


4 out of 5

Small Hotel & Apartments

"A mix of old style and modern features" 

Centre of Old Delft (7 min walk from station)

2.7km Local parking garages at own cost from €65 per night

Casa Julia 


4.5 out of 5 

Small Boutique Hotel

"Local, small and friendly"

TU Delft Area (15 min walk from station) 1.9km Free street parking locally from €70 per night 

de Bieslandse Heerlijkheid Bed & Breakfast 


5 out of 5


"Relaxing country luxury"

Countryside east of Delft (13 min taxi ride from station) 3.5km Free parking from €77 per night 

Hampshire Delft Hotel 


4 out of 5

Corporate Hotel

"Clean and corporate"

Just outside Old Delft Centre (18 min walk from station)

2.6km Local parking garages at own cost from €78 per night 

Hotel de Plataan


4 out of 5

Small Boutique Hotel

"Fun and Unique" 

Just outside centre of Old Delft (14 min walk from station)

3.0km Free parking from €81 per night (with additional 10% discount available for DIANA FEA visitors) 

Hotel de Koophandel 


4.5 out of 5 

Small hotel

"Couldn't get more central" 

Centre of Old Delft (13 min walk from station) 2.6km Local parking garages at own cost from €99 per night

Westcord Hotel 


4.5 out of 5

Corporate hotel

"Bright and business like"

Commercial area outside of Delft Centre (10 min taxi ride from station)

2.6km Free parking from €109 per night


*Rating as per Tripadvisor January 2018

At the time of writing all have good reviews, but we would suggest you check out www.tripadvisor.com for reviews of the above and any other hotels you might like to consider.