DIANA Downloads

Download the latest DIANA version and Utilities

The latest version of DIANA is available for download here by customers with valid contracts. The downloads as mentioned on this page can only be downloaded with a valid username/password combination, provided by our sales team. The software will not work unless it is accompanied by a license key provided by our sales team.

DIANA 10.8 for Windowszip file 1.64GB
diadate 26-apr-2024
DIANA 10.8 for RedHat Enterprise Linuxtar.gz file 1.24GB
diadate 26-apr-2024


HASP Driver

The DIANA HASP driver, also known as Sentinel LDK Run-time environment or Sentinel LDK License Manager, is used to install, update and manage DIANA licenses.

HASP driver version 9.13.1 or later is required for DIANA 10.8. It is also supported and recommended to be used with older versions of DIANA.

HASP Driver Windows
This driver is needed to install and use DIANA license keys on windows systems. Please read the HASP Driver installation instructions.
HASP Driver Linux
This driver is needed to install and use DIANA license keys on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Please read the HASP Driver installation instructions.


HASP RUS Utility

DIANA HASP RUS UtilityThis utility is mainly needed for transferring a DIANA license from one license server to another license server.


DIANA File Converters

DIANA File ConvertersThis zip file contains all the files you need to convert DIANA .dat .com and .dcf files from DIANA 7.1 and later to newer DIANA versions up to DIANA 9.6. The executables in this zip file are for Windows systems. You don’t need to have DIANA installed on your system to use these executables. For usage details see the DIANA User’s manual. Simply unzip the file to an empty folder and run the executables from a command box.


REVIT Plugin

This plugin generates a Python script of your Revit model which can be read into DianaIE

Revit Plugin for use with DIANA (zip file 1.1MB, 31-mar-2021)

User Guidelines (pdf file 0.4MB)


Offline Documentation

The DIANA documentation is, by default, online.

If you need to used DIANA software offline due to limited or restricted internet access, you can download the offline documentation here:

Offline DIANA Documentation (zip file 130 MB, 16-may-2024)