E-Learning:  DIANA Engineering Design Sessions

Following the successful E-Learning sessions throughout the first half of 2020, DIANA FEA will offer a new range of online sessions.   

The sessions are based on the newly developed design tools in the latest release of DIANA FEA, DIANA 10.4.  There will be a special focus on engineering applications an applied design checks, based on Eurocode and other referenced design codes. 

The sessions will be presented in pairs, and together they are constitute 1 ke/ee point (Constructeursregister points).  

Each online session will focus on a specific learning objective and set of expected outcomes.  The sessions, covering a range of topics, will take place twice per month, and will consist of an overview on the engineering approach towards analysis and design of the designated application, including an online demonstration of DIANA finite element analysis, with the opportunity to interact with the instructor to ask questions, etc. 

At the end of each session, the participant who attend the whole session, and remained attentive, will be granted a certificate of participation. 







17 June 2020 Part 1: Design of Concrete Slabs according to Eurocode, including a Full Nonlinear approach based on DIANA design tools.  1 Ab van den Bos - Director of Engineering - DIANA FEA

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30 June 2020 Part 2: The effect of traffic load and assessment of bridge deck based on DIANA design tools

Chantal Frissen - Engineering Consultant - DIANA FEA 

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23  July 2020 Part 1: Arching & Membrane Action in Reinforced Concrete Structures, and the Benefit of DIANA Design Tools in your Design Projects  1

Pim van der Aa - Structural Engineering - DIANA FEA


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23 September 2020 Part 2: DIANA Design Tools according to Eurocode and fib Model Code - Design of a Pile Cap Pim van der Aa - Structural Engineering - DIANA FEA

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