Experimental and Measurement Methods for Smale-Scale Model Testing of Lateral and Torsional Stability

Jong-Han Lee (Daegu University); Yong Myung park, Chi-Young Jung, Jae-Bong Kim (Pusan National University)

Tests of the lateral and torsional stability are quite sensitive to the experimental conditions, such as support conditions and loading system. Controlling all of these conditions in a full-size test is a very challenging task. Therefore, in this paper, an experimental measurement method that can control the experimental conditions using a small-scale model was proposed to evaluate the lateral and torsional stability of beams. For this, a loading system was provided to maintain the vertical direction of the load applied to the beam, and a support frame was produced to satisfy the in-plane and out-of-plane support conditions. The experimental method using a small-scale model was applied successively to the lateral and torsional behavior and stability of I-shaped beams. The proposed experimental methods, which effectively accommodate the changes in the geometry and length of the beam, could contribute to further experimental studies regarding the lateral and torsional stability of flexural members.

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