The error message "Could not generate the license because: Enforcement type is incompatible" is issued by the license activation system when the uploaded C2V file does not contain host_fingerprint type="SL-AdminMode".

Please edit the .C2V with a text editor, like "wordpad.exe" and check it contains both fingerprints for SL-AdminMode & SL-UserMode, as displayed below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <host_fingerprint type="SL-AdminMode" crc="4214487559"> MXhJSSvFk3bGnFwDAPN6tC8YbJ60MzEHFil4kczQ6kDCpJ2JSYmIXBdDla6jQy4kT</host_fingerprint>
  <host_fingerprint type="SL-UserMode" vendorid="xxxxxx" crc="1791864239"> MnhJSduZmBSPwjzgh2DMGY6SE5PiSTtBXKQQIzWGp0RSPGlnyA2RAzCjh</host_fingerprint>

A missing SL-AdminMode fingerprint generally indicates that the DIANA specific HASP driver has not been installed on the system. To solve this problem do the following:

This should solve the problem. If you continue to have problems please email and include any error message or other relevant information and attach the C2V file generated.