CAD Data Exchange

To facilitate advanced CAD data interoperability when using FEMGV, we teamed with TranscenData Europe Limited and released CADfix for FEMGV.

CADfix for FEMGV imports data in a variety of formats from CAD systems and provides powerful, automatic and interactive tools to repair model geometry problems that often occur during the data exchange process. Once the model has been fixed, the data are output in a format flavoured for use with the FEMGV meshing capabilities.


Easy re-use of CAD data (supported formats are: IGES, STEP, PARASOLID, ACIS SAT, STL CADDS and CATIA native)
Rapid problem identification - unique visual indicators
Merging of duplicate points, edges, surfaces and faces
Converting unconnected surface models to BREP solids (create topology)
Closing face loops (gaps) and unclosed shells
Fixing face and volume orientations (normals)
Healing "sloppy" edges and faces to a user-controlled tolerance
Manual and automatic collapsing and joining of edges and faces to remove small features or slivers
Intuitive model-partitioning tools for more flexible mesh generation
Comprehensive NURBS-surface repair functions
Direct export to FEMGV database (.G70)
Easy-to-use GUI, including a high-level Wizard to control and automate the process