FEMSYS - EngineGeneral Features

  • FEMGV is flexible and may be customised to meet the needs of individual customers or specific applications. FEMGV has been designed to be easy to extend, both for new applications and new computer architectures.
  • A wide range of platforms are supported, including PC (Windows XP/2003/Vista), Linux, HP-UX and Solaris.
  • Dynamic transformations provide interactive zoom, pan and rotation of the model.
  • CAD compatibility.
  • On-line help on commands, command syntax, function and example input.

Model generation

  • Model geometry is easy to define. Constraints, loads, physical properties, local co-ordinate systems, element types and mesh densities may be assigned to the various geometric parts of the model.
  • Mesh is associative so changing geometry allows immediate remeshing.
  • Greatly reduced model generation times can be achieved with the General Body and Tetrahedral Meshing facilities.
  • User friendly, analysis-specific forms allow the creation and modification of physical properties, materials properties and loading, whilst icons provide quick access to commands.
  • Extensive element library.

FEMSYS - PipesAnalysis

  • Its open ended architecture allows FEMGV to be integrated with users' own in-house analysis packages.

Results Viewing and Report Generation

  • Data and results presentation may be customised to suit users' requirements. High quality computer graphics, multiple viewports, cutaway views and cross-sections aid the assessment and presentation of results.
  • Geometrical selection, sectioning, zooming and other transformations allow the display of results by contours, vectors, deformed shapes, symbols, and graphs or tables, and can be customised so that only selected elements, materials, or surfaces are shown.
  • A scan feature allows the plotting of maximum and minimum values over a range of loadcases or surfaces, and results may be transformed from the global axis system to user-defined cylindrical, conical or spherical axis systems.
  • A comprehensive range of results contouring, isosurfaces and graphing facilities are available
  • A range of plotfiles may be generated. Many hard copy formats are supported, including PostScript (colour and monochrome), Interleaf, HPGL 1 and 2, LaserJet, PaintJet, DeskJet, CGM, PCX and TIFF.