Industries that design, produce and install pallet racking systems need a software program to predict strength, stability, and deformations of the pallet racks, according to European Codes.

The main characteristics of FEMPAL are:

  • Compliance with legislation governing load bearing construction work that requires a building permit.
  • Analysis of simple and advanced or customised construction.
  • Procedures to reliably and accurately predict characteristic structural behaviour, such as global stability and strength effects.
  • Easy accessibility to the power of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for a wide range of users who are not specialists in FEA technology.
  • Code checks according to various international and national codes.
  • Full three-dimensional analysis including geometric nonlinearities (buckling modes due to imperfections) and nonlinear behaviour of beam-end connections.
  • Customisation of the profile database based on in-house profile sections.
  • Possibility of obtaining a certificate of approval from appropriate institutions.

FEMPAL offers a graphical user interface (GUI) with a MS Windows look and feel. Post analysis, FEMPAL can verify all components of the pallet rack according to one of the built-in codes: the European FEM code combined with Eurocode 3 for Steel Structures; the Dutch NEN code; or the German RAL code. These codes can also be customised by the user for compliance with other national or international codes.


FEMPAL was developed by DIANA FEA BV (in collaboration with TNO Building and Construction Research, and two of the leading industrial racking manufacturers in the Netherlands - Nedcon and Hovuma); and is a dedicated, fit-for-purpose special version of DIANA which is one of the world's leading FEA packages.

For more information see our brochure (878KB).