Finite Element Analysis of prestressed concrete containment vessel subjected to internal pressure

H.-W. Song, B. Shim & K.-J. Byun (Department of Civil engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea)

In this paper, finite element analysis is carried out for failure analysis of prestressed concrete containment vessel (PCCV) subjected to accidental internal pressure. For an 1:4 model of prestressed concrete containment vessel, layered shell finite element modeling technique along with prestressing tendon modeling is applied. For verification of the modeling, global and local behaviors of the PCCV obtained from the analysis are compared with results of the so-called both limit state test and structural filure mechanism test at the Sandia National Laboratories in USA. As a new analysis technique for the PCCV subjected to internal pressure, the so-called volume control technique is also introduced. Layered shell elements with the pressure node attached to the shell elements are applied to modeling of the PCCV and in-plane reinforced concrete constitutive models are implemented. Formulation of the technique and comparisons of analytical results with ex-perimental data are presented. The comparison shows that modeling technique including the volume control technique in this paper can be effectively used for the prediction of the ultimate pressure capacity of the prestressed concrete reactor containment structures subjected to internal pressure.

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