How to cancel a detached DIANA license

A detached DIANA license is a license that is temporarily removed from a pool of licenses on a central networked DIANA license server and which is attached to a computer running DIANA. Detaching a license can be useful if DIANA needs to be used while working remote or offline. Detaching a license is not to be confused with transferring a license. This guide assumes you have properly installed a networked DIANA license server and that you have a detached license on your computer.

1. From the computer that runs the DIANA software, go to http://localhost:1947, click on “Products” and select the “Cancel license” option for one of the products that have a detached license.

2. Click on the “Cancel License” button to cancel the license. You will get a confirmation that the license is successfully cancelled.

3. Click on “Products” to see the overview of active licenses. As you can see, the detached license is no longer available.