Feedback - ICOLD 2019

2019 ICOLD - Maz at the Stand

Maziar Partovi (Maz) and Jean-Claude Bauruelle are back from ICOLD 2019 which this year was held in Ottawa.   They both agree it was great to be back in Canada, at this event which was hosted by our friends, the Canadian Dam Association.  

There were a lot of visitors to our stand, and we enjoyed the opportunity to explain how the software has been used across the world on major dam and hydropower projects.  

2019 ICOLD JCAnalysis of Dams is one of the specialities of DIANA, with its extensive library of material models and analysis functionalities that are suited for this purpose, e.g. phased (staged) construction, soil-structure and fluid-structure interaction, AAR and ASR analyzes, and seismic analysis capabilities with dedicated absorbing boundary elements.  

DIANA also has a great feature for dam designers...  "The DIANA Dam Wizard", this function can automatically generate arch dam models based on optimisation of geometry and design. 

The 88th Annual Meeting of ICOLD will be held in New Delhi on 4-10 April 2020 - we will look forward to seeing you there!  The website is already up and running if you want more information about the event now!