Finite Element Modelling of UHPFRC Elements with DIANA
Event Date
15 May 2019 @ 15:00 CEST

Language:  English

Registration:  Free

Presenters:  Jan Navarro-Gregori & Eduardo J Mezquida-Alcaraz, ICITECH - Universitat Politecnic de Valencia

Nowadays, the characterisation of Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) tensile behaviour, still remains a challenge for researchers. The aim of this project is the numerical validation of a simplified inverse analysis method to characterize the tensile properties of UHPFRC. To get this objective a Finite Element Model (FEM) is carried out in DIANA software. The parameters to characterise the concrete properties from the simplified inverse analysis method, by means of Third Point Bending Tests (TPBT), are used in the numerical modelling. The constitutive model for UHPFRC is modelled using two assumptions: a smeared cracking approach, and a discrete cracking approach.

This webinar is open to the public and no registration fee is required.

Completed - See the Recording