FIB TG2.1 Serviceability Models Forum

Last week, Ab van den Bos, the Head of our Engineering Team was in Graz, Austria for the FIB Commission 2 workgroup - TG2.1 Serviceability Models. 

This event focused on the development of models for analysis of cracks and deformation of concrete structures, not just for new structures, but also for assessment, rehabilitation and strengthening of existing structures.  We hope that the input from members of this forum, including Ab, will help path the way forward towards stronger and safer structures. 

The Commission was set up by FIB to develop models and calculation procedures for the analysis and design of structures and structural members under short term and long term static loading, as well as under fatigue, fire and extreme events – an area in which DIANA Finite Element Analysis excels.

If you are interested in joining one of the other COM2 events, contact the Engineering Team