Gravity Rockfill Dam Construction & Impounding with DIANA Finite Element Analysis
Event Date
15 April 2020 @ 3pm CEST


Language:  English

Registration Cost: Free

Presenter:Jean-Claude Bauruelle, DIANA FEA BV


The main objective of this e-learning event is to introduce the capability within DIANA finite element software to model the construction and impounding of a roller compacted dam.   

Expected Outcome(s): 

An understanding of how to: 

  • Define a plane strain model with time dependent groundwater flow boundaries. 
  • Set up and run a geomechanical staged construction with transient analysis. 
  • Discuss output results.

This e-learning session is open to the public and no registration fee is required.  After registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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In 2020, DIANA FEA will offer a new style of e-learning via a range of instructor-led online training sessions which can be combined with further content eg. on demand tutorials, and face-to-face training to produce a self-paced learning scenario.

This form of blended learning is aimed to provide a system of “microlearning”, delivering training content to participants in bite-sized, focused bursts.   This “just-in-time” learning system allows the participant to access and complete training whilst “on-the-job”.  

Each online session will focus on a specific learning objective and set of expected outcomes.   The sessions, covering a range of topics, will take place bi-monthly and will consist of an online demonstration of DIANA finite element analysis with the opportunity to interact with the instructor to ask questions, etc.   

At the end of each session, the participant will be given the opportunity to complete a short assessment to ensure that they have gained the expected outcomes.  Once completed successful a certificate of participation will be awarded.