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Experimental assessment and damage modelling of hybrid timber beam-to-steel column connections under cyclic loading L F Sirumbal-Zapata, C Malaga-Chuquitaype, A Y Elghazouli (Imperial College London) 2019
Optimizing Finite Element Models for Concrete Bridge Assessment with Proof Loading Testing E O L Lantsoght (Universidad San Francisco de Quito); A de Boer (Ane de Boer Consultancy); C van der Veen, D A Hordijk (Delft University of Technology) 2019
Seismic assessment of a dam-foundation-reservoir system using Endurance Time Analysis J W Salamon (US Bureau of Reclamation); M A Hariri-Ardebili (Univ. Colorado); H E Estekanchi, M R Masheykhi (Sharif Univ. of Technology) 2019
Bubbled Rolled Compacted Concrete Dam E K Mohamed, E A Khalil (Construction Research Institute, Egypt) 2019
Retrofitting Unreinforced Masonry Buildings with a Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composite to Enhance Seismic Resistance M Kotze (Univ. Stellenbosch); G C van Rooyen (Univ. Stellenbosch); G P A G van Zijl (Univ. Stellenbosch) 2019
Validation of beams for MC2020 Using DIANA FEA A A van den Bos, P van der Aa (DIANA FEA) 2019
Slabs and Plates: (Un)expected nonlinear capacity explained A A van den Bos, P van der Aa (DIANA FEA) 2019
Design and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams using NLFEA A A van den Bos, P van der Aa (DIANA FEA) 2019
The Rijnlandroute bored tunnel - Continuously improving the mechanized tunneling process H Mortier (Dimco); M Brugman (Arthe C & S); B Peerdeman (RHDHV); T Schubert (Vinci) 2019
Numerical investigations on the system behaviour of a ductile shotcrete lining with yielding elements A L Hammer, M Thewes (Ruhr Univ. Bochum) 2019
Safety Approach for Tunnel Lining Calculations in 3D-Contiuum Models Y A B F Liem, J T S Vervoort, M H A Brugman (Arthe Civil & Structure); M Partovi (DIANA FEA) 2019
Explosive Spalling in Reinforced Concrete Tunnels Exposed to Fire: Experimental Assessment and Numerical Modelling F Lo Monte, R Felicetti (Politecnico di Milano); A Meda (Univ. degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata); A Bortolussi (Bakaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions) 2019
Nucleation and Arrest of Dynamic Rupture Induced by Reservoir Depletion L Buijze (TNO/Utrecht University), P A J van der Bogert (Shell Global Solutions), B B T Wassing (TNO), B Orlic (TNO) 2019
The impact of backfill quality on soil-steel composite bridge response under seismic excitation T Maleska, D Beben (Opole University of Technology) 2018
Crack initiation and propagation in unreinforced masonry structures subjected to repeated load and earthquake vibrations Paul A Korswagen, Edwin Meulman, Michele Longo, Jan G Rots (Delft University of Technology) 2018
Modelling of Masonry Arches Strengthened at Extrados with FRCM E Ricci (University of Cassino); D V Oliveira (University of Minho); E Sacco (University of Naples Frederico II); B Ghiassi (Delft University of Technology) 2018
Numerical Modelling of the Bond Behaviour of FRCM systems externally applied to masonry substrates E Bertolesi, G Milani (Politecnico di Milano); E Grande (University Guglielmo Marconi) 2018
Effects of New Openings on the In-plane Behavior of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Walls M Y Ona Vera, G Metelli (University of Brescia); J A O Barros, G Plizzari (University of Minho) 2018
Historic and Modern Earthen Structures: Challenges and Recent Research P B Lourenco, R A Silva, D V Oliveira (University of Minho) 2018
Nonlinear finite element analysis of an unreinforced masonry building damaged in the 2010-2011 Christchurch earthquake swarm C Allen, M J Masia (University of Newcastle); D Dizhur, J M Ingham (University of Auckland) 2018
Numerical Study on Partially-reinforced Semi-dressed stone masonry for build-back-better in Nepal J K Bothara (Miyamoto International NZ Ltd); I Giongo, J Ingham, D Dizhur (University of Auckland) 2018
Experimental and numerical approach for strengthening masonry arches: the RAM - Reinforced Arch Method L Jurina, E O Radaelli (Politecnico di Milano) 2018
Mechanical characterization of masonry on the macro scale from experimental testing and numerical meso scale modelling L Bejarano-Urrego, E Verstrynge, N van Roy, N Shetty, A Drougkas, K van Balen (KU Leuven); G Giardina (University of Bath) 2018
Numerical analysis of mortar incorporating the variation in poisson's ratio with increasing axial load A Lubeck, G Mohamad (Federal University of Santa Maria); F S Fonseca (Brigham Young University); A S Milani (Federal University of Pampa); H R Roman (Federal University of Santa Catarina) 2018
Prediction of in-plane shear capacity of perforated URM walls: Nonlinear finite element modelling compared with the NZSEE formula M K Howlader, M J Masia (University of Newcastle); M C Griffith (University of Adelaide) 2018
Global behaviour of coupled unreinforced masonry-reinforced concrete wall structures H Degee, F Frederickx, B Vandoren (Hasselt University) 2018
Finite Element Model of Masonry-Infilled RC Frame Christiana A Fillipou, Nicholas C Kyriakides, Christis Z Chyrsostomou, Elpida S Georgiou (Cyprus University of Technology) 2018
Numerical Simulation of the Experimental Results of the Seismic Strengthening of Existing Structures 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering 2018
SF+RC Modelling using DIANA FEA A van den Bos, S Dhanmehere (DIANA FEA); Y Dai (TU Delft) 2018
FEA of Masonry Buildings by Means of a New Optimised Indirect NLTH Method A van den Bos, A Garofano (DIANA FEA) 2018
Seismic assessment of the medieval Armenian church in Famagusta, Cyprus A B Braga, P B Lourenco, N Mendes (University of Minho) 2018
Flexural strengthening of concrete structures with prestressed FRP composite P Ahlgren, J Edwijn (Chalmers University of Technology) 2017
Finite element parametric study of reinforced concrete beams shear-strengthened with embedded FRP bars M Qapo, S Dirar, Y Jemaa (University of Birmingham) 2016
Safety Assessment of an Arch-Gravity dam with a Horizontal crack Armin Hadrovic, Mili Selimotic (University Dzemal Bijedic); Maziar Partovi (TNO DIANA BV) 2016
3-Dimensional Analysis of EPB TBM Operation in Close Proximity to Pile Foundations Mahmoud Sepehrmanesh, Verya Nasri (AECOM); Maziar Partovi (TNO DIANA BV) 2016
Soft Ground Tunneling Under a Major Provincial Highway in Ontario: Sheppard East LRT, Toronto Hiva Mahdavi, Verya Nasri (AECOM); Kevin Akbarpour (CH2M) 2016
Seismic analysis of a concrete dam with a complex configuration: Nonlinear, time history of Mt Bold Dam Seismic analysis of a concrete dam with a complex configuration: Nonlinear, time history of Mt Bold Dam 2016
Seismic safety assessment of a weir dam and appurtenant structures - 3D static and dynamic analyses Anton Tzenkov & Aissa Mellal, Stucky 2016
Earthquake Assessment of Luzzone dam using DIANA W P Kikstra, J Manie, G M A Schreppers (TNO DIANA BV) 2015
Thermal-stress behaviour of RCC Gravity Dams Vladan Kuzmanovic, Ljubodrag Savic, Nikola Mladenovic (University of Belgrade) 2015
Towards mode selection criteria for multi-mode initial postbuckling analysis of composite cylindrical shells E L Jansen, R Rolfes (Leibniz Universitat); T Rahman (TNO DIANA) 2015
The use of nonlinear analyses tools for the structural design of concrete dams B F Soysal, Y Arici (Middle East Technical University) 2015
A framework for wellbore cement integrity analysis G Schreppers, TNO DIANA BV 2015
Assessment and management of concrete bridges supported by monitoring data-based Finite Element modelling Moreira De Sousa, HF (Univ. Porto), Bento, J (Efacec Capital SA) and Figueiras, J (Univ. Porto) 2014
Validation of seismic soil-foundation-structure interaction analysis procedures for instrumented bridges Anoosh Shamsabadi, PhD., PE (Senior Bridge Engineer, California Dept of Transportation (CALTRANS)) Maziar Partovi, PhD (Senior Engineer, TNO DIANA BV) 2014
Incremental dynamic analysis of a gravity dam B F Soysal, Y Arici (Middle East Technical University) 2014
Construction assessment and long-term prediction of prestressed concrete bridges based on monitoring data Moreira De Sousa, HF (Univ. Porto), Figueiras, J (Univ. Porto) and Bento, J (Efacec Capital SA) 2013
Design checks and nonlinear response of a full 3D model of a box girder bridge Chantal Frissen, TNO DIANA BV Ane de Boer, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Utrecht Gerd-Jan Schreppers, TNO DIANA BV 2013
Numerical simulation of large dams Gerd-Jan Schreppers (TNO DIANA BV); Ahmed Elkadi (TNO DIANA BV) 2013
Practical methodology for inclusion of uplift and pore pressures in analysis of concrete dams Michael McKay, Francisco Lopez (GHD Pty) 2013