8Maintenance/Support packages are available for all DIANA customers.

For both clients who are within a maintenance contract, or have chosen not to take up the opportunity, the following pages may prove useful. (Nb. some pages are only relevant to clients with an active maintenance contract)

For information about maintenance/support packages contact us via sales@dianafea.com, or if you are already within a maintenance contract contact our support department direct via support@dianafea.com.

Download the latest DIANA version (for users)

The latest version of DIANA is available for download here by customers with valid contracts. Nb. the software will not work unless it is accompanied by a license key provided by our sales team.

DIANA 10.3 for Windows (if you have a separate license server don't forget to update the hasp driver on that system) zip file 1045MB - diadate 30-mar-2020
DIANA 10.3 for RedHat Enterprise Linux tar.gz file 936MB - diadate 30-mar-2020
DIANA 10.3 Manuals zip file 53MB - diadate 4-sep-2019

For users of earlier versions of DIANA and legacy products like FX+ for DIANA and FEMGV, current contract holders will have been provided an FTP account (inc. username and password) ftp://download.dianafea.com where they can find the product download.

HASP Driver

HASP driver version 7.90 or later is required for DIANA 10.3. It is also supported and recommended to be used with older versions of DIANA. It has been tested with every release since DIANA 9.5. It's expected to work with releases 9.4.4 and older as well but that has not been tested.

HASP Driver This driver is needed to install the HASP dongle on a windows system. Please read the HASP Driver installation instructions.
HASP Driver for linux This driver is needed to install the HASP dongle on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Please read the HASP Driver installation instructions.

HASP RUS Utility

DIANA HASP RUS Utility This utility is only needed for DIANA versions 9.5 and later versions which are licensed with a hasp dongle (black dongle or red dongle, not the blue dongles) or a hasp softkey/softlock
DIANA 9.4.4 HASP RUS Utility This utility is only needed for DIANA versions 9.4.4 and earlier versions which are licensed with a USB time hasp dongle (black dongle, not the blue dongle or red dongle)
  • Install DIANA and FX+ for DIANA with the options as you wish
  • Run dianahasprus.exe
  • Click on the tab "Collect Key Status Information"
  • Click on "Collect information"
  • Save the c2v to a location
  • Close dianahasprus.exe
  • Send the c2v file to sales@dianafea.com
  • DIANA FEA BV will reply you with a v2c file (this process will usually take one business day)
  • Save this file on your local computer
  • Run dianahasprus.exe
  • Click on the tab "Apply License Update"
  • Browse to the c2v file received from DIANA FEA BV
  • Click on "Apply Update"
  • Your DIANA version is now enabled

 DIANA File Converters

DIANA File Converters This zip file contains all the files you need to convert DIANA .dat .com and .dcf files from DIANA 7.1 and later to newer DIANA versions up to DIANA 9.6. The executables in this zip file are for Windows systems. You don't need to have DIANA installed on your system to use these executables. For usage details see the DIANA User's manual. Simply unzip the file to an empty folder and run the executables from a command box.

DIANA Tutorials

You can also find here on our website a selection of other useful papers:   Tutorials, verification documents and white papers

DIANA User-Supplied Subroutines

Zipped file - application example and associated files.

REVIT Plugin

This plugin generates a Python script of your Revit model which can be read into DIANA IE

Revit Plugin versions 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 for use with DIANA (zip file 1.1MB)

User Guidelines (pdf file 0.4MB)