This procedure is used to install a license on a Sentinel HASP key for use with DIANA from an Entitlement Certificate. To be able to install the license you will need to have an internet connection on your system.

After receiving an "Entitlement Certificate" you need to go through the steps shown below to generate the license file and install the license.

There are two ways to install the DIANA license:

The automatic generation and installation procedure requires DIANA 10.1 or later to be installed on the system were you want to install the license. It also requires an internet connection on that system. For all other cases and in case of errors use the Manual generation and installation of the license key.

You have received an email with entitlement information like shown below.

Entitlement - Product Key

Copy the Product Key value from the email.

Start the DIANA Interactive Enviroment from the start menu.

Open the Help => Activate new Diana license menu item

Paste the product key from the email in the Product Key field and fill in the other fields. Then click Activate.

If all went well the license key is installed. Close Diana Interactive Environment and start it again. Under Help => About Diana Interactive Environment you can see the license details. Alternatively you can check the license key by opening Sentinel Admin Control Center on http://localhost:1947.

Entitlement - Check the License Key

In case you received an error during this procedure then follow the Manual generation and installation of license key procedure below or contact and provide them with the product key and error message.

In this procedure we are going use files with the extension C2V and V2C. These extensions have the following meaning:

  • C2V (Customer to Vendor) - This file type contains information that we at DIANA FEA B.V. require to generate a license file.
  • V2C (Vendor to Customer) - This file contains the actual license. The user needs to install this file on a license key.

Prerequisite: HASP driver

A DIANA specific Sentinel HASP driver is required for installation of the softlock. You can check if the driver is available by opening Sentinel Admin Control Center on http://localhost:1947.

The DIANA specific HASP driver is generally installed as part of the DIANA installation procedure. If you do not want to install DIANA on the system (this is often the case for dedicated network license servers) you need to install the DIANA specific HASP driver manually. Please follow the instructions on to install the driver.

Generate and Install the license

You have received an email with entitlement information like shown below.

Entitlement - Product Key

Copy the Product Key value from the email and go to You will see the following login screen.

Entitlement - Login

Paste the Product Key from the Entitlement Certificate in the email into the Product Key field and click Login. After login you will end up at a page with all details of the Entitlement like below.

Entitlement - Offline Activation

In the top right corner click Offline Activation. This will open the Generate License window.

Entitlement - Download RUS

To be able to generate a license you need to have a C2V fingerprint file of the machine where you want to install the license key. Download the RUS tool using the RUS button.

Entitlement - Run RUS

After download you need to run the RUS_RCXZW.exe file. This might trigger the following Windows SmartScreen message.

Entitlement - More Info

Click the More Info link on the left.

Entitlement - Run Anyway

Click Run Anyway to continue to start RUS_RCXZW.exe.

You will see the Remote License Update System Utility as shown below. It is important that this tool is run on the system where the license is going to be installed. In case you want to generate a license for a different computer then run the RUS tool on that system. Once generated the license cannot be generated again for a different system.

Entitlement - Collect Information

Select Installation of a new protection key and click Collect information.

Entitlement - Save Fingerprint

Save the collected information. For example fingerprint.c2v. Now close the RUS utility and go back to the Generate License window.

Entitlement - Generate Fingerprint

In the "Upload C2V:" field provide the C2V file you just saved and click Generate.

Entitlement - Download V2C

After generation the Generate License window will give you the possibility to download the V2C license file. The license file will also be sent by email to the registered email address. Download the V2C license file. The license file is now generated but it still needs to be installed. In order to do that go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/checkin.html as shown below.

Entitlement - Apply File

In the Select a V2C, H2R, R2H, H2H, ALP or ID file: field select the V2C license file you just downloaded and click Apply file.

Entitlement - Download Confirmation

Please download the Confirmation file (C2V) and email the file to This will make installing future license updates easier.

After completing these steps the license is installed. You can check this in the Sentinel Keys, Products and Features sections of Sentinel Admin Control Center. There you can see the HASP key and check the license details like licensed products, features and expiration dates.

Entitlement - Check License