DIANA Engineering Masonry Model

This document intends to demonstrate that simulation with DIANA can reasonably to very well replicate a series of experimental tests and/or theoretical solutions relevant to non-linear quasi-static and dynamic seismic perofrmance of masonry walls. 

Tests are performed with both the Rotating Total Strain Crack model and the Engineering Masonry material model; the latter is firstly introduced in the DIANA release 10.1. 

In this report a theoretical definition of the material constitutive models is proposed in chapter 2.  In chapter 3 in-plane tests of masonry walls are described. Chapter 4 describes out of plane tests.  In chapter 5 an analytical out-of-plane shear-failure test is described. 

The analyses performed in this report use as much as possible the parameters as defined from companion material tests if available.  For some tests parameters have been optimized or varied in sensitivity studies.  It should be noted that in practice material properties can vary strongly, especially for old masonry, and such variations are on purpose not considered in this report. 


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