Finite Element Analysis

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Release 10.4


DIANA – Finite Element Analysis
Release Notes release 10.4
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Release Quality Process
I  Analysis Capabilities
1 DIANA 10.4
 1.1 Modeling
 1.2 Elements
 1.3 Materials
 1.4 Analysis
 1.5 Results
II  Diana Interactive Environment
2 DIANA 10.4
 2.1 Geometry Component Operations
 2.2 Loft Modifier Action
 2.3 Mapped Meshing
 2.4 Incremental Meshing
 2.5 Inspection Tools
 2.6 Load Combinations
 2.7 Reinforcement Sets
 2.8 Sheet Pile Wall and Anchor Sets
 2.9 Embedding Options
 2.10 Node Groups
 2.11 Selection Tools
 2.12 Analysis Progress Indicator
 2.13 Color Scale Annotations
 2.14 Vector Plot Arrow Orientation
 2.15 Nodal Averaging of Element Results
 2.16 Normalized Deformation Scaling Options
 2.17 Mirroring
 2.18 Labels for Extreme Values
 2.19 Boundary Edge for Clipping Plane
 2.20 Python Scripting
III  User’s Manual
3 DIANA 10.4
 3.1 Volumes
 3.2 Distribution Formats
IV  Incompatibilities
4 DIANA 10.4
 4.1 Elements
 4.2 Analyses
 4.3 Results
 4.4 Diana Interactive Environment
List of Figures
List of Tables