Material characterisation for nonlinear finite element analysis (nlfea)

van der Aa, P J & van den Bos, A A (DIANA FEA)

The design of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) structures is becoming more popular. It is beneficial to combine traditional reinforcement with SFRC, because the design becomes more robust (more ductile) and the traditional reinforcement and/or the concrete cross-section can be decreased. The modelling of the material is often based on a smeared crack approach. However good guidelines, which describe modelling strategy for SFRC are lacking. Therefore, this paper will propose a new constitutive model for SFRC and will go into detail about improving crack localization. Good crack localization is often a problem with smeared crack approach. The modelling strategy will be applied using the finite element software DIANA [1] and compared with experimental results.

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