Since the introduction of version 9.2, DIANA has been enriched with an additional Pre-/Post-Processor to iDIANA, FX+ for DIANA.

The Windows based graphical user interface of FX+ for DIANA enables the user to build complex models rapidly and accurately. More information can be found in the FX+ for DIANA Brochure.


In the Pre-Processing environment, FX+ for DIANA provides a variety of high quality modelling functionality of a mid-range CAD software, and the possibility to exchange both geometrical and analysis data.

Auto-mesh, Map-mesh & Protrude-mesh methods are available for mesh generation, to easily and conveniently generate optimum meshes for complex models of any particular configuration.

midas FX+ for DIANA

In the Post-Processing environment, besides the various visualization functions, the user can extract results into a MS-Excel compatible Table.

At all stages during construction of the model a Work Tree enables the user to systematically check the entire contents of work performed: during analysis of the results the Work Tree supports production and saving of graphs and tables currently viewed.

A Property Window, changing with the selected object in the Work Window or Works Tree, provides detailed information. Dialog boxes dynamically change with active operations and Task-oriented User Interfaces guide the user to the required selection and input items. Versatile selection methods allow for effective selection of objects in any stage of the modelling process. Mesh Sets selected by dragging the mouse can be transformed to examine the model.

View points can be dynamically moved to examine the model by mouse dragging.

midas FX+ for DIANA presentation