Modelling of deep subsurface for geohazard risk assessment

B. Orlic & R. van Eijs (Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO – National Geological Survey, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Numerical simulations of the deep subsurface are increasingly used for a better understanding and more accurate predictions of subsurface behaviour in the wake of the extraction of mineral resources and storage of energy residues. Examples are described of the use of DIANA in these applications, demonstrating coupling of different modelling technologies in a workflow for integrated geomechanical modelling. The first example describes a method for construction of geological models and their conversion into unstructured finite element meshes. The second study describes an uncoupled flow-stress analysis that was used to study the relationship between reservoir depletion and the induced micro-seismicity. In the third case, a fully coupled flow-stress analysis was carried out to analyse combined load- and hydraulic-driven

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