New constitutive models in DIANA for rubber-like materials

Z. Guo, P. Stroeven, L.J. Sluys (Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands) Y. Cheng (Northern Jiatong University, Bijing P.R. China)

New User-Supplied Subroutines in DIANA have been proposed for the elastic matrix of rubber-like materials in this paper. When the first and second derivatives of the strain energy function are known, other information can be generated automatically in DIANA through the new User-Supplied Subroutines. Knowles’ and Gao’s constitutive laws for rubber-like materials have been implemented in DIANA by this means. Singular problems are described successfully by those constitutive laws. We demonstrate two representative examples: uniaxial and biaxial tension analyses of a rubber cube show that the DIANA finite element package provides data which are consistent with the analytical results. When a new strain energy function is proposed in the future, the new constitutive law could be more conveniently inserted into DIANA than before. The new User-Supplied Subroutines in DIANA render new possibilities to study mechanics of rubber-like materials.

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