Numerical simulations of tests on a segmented tunnel lining

A.H.J.M. Vervuurt & F.B.J. Gijsbers (TNO Building and Construction Research, The Netherlands) C. van der Veen & J.A. den Uijl (Delft University of Technology)

In order to gain a better understanding of the complex structural behavior in shield driven segmented tunnel linings for the specific Dutch soil conditions, a full scale test set-up has been realized in the Stevin Laboratory at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The finite element program DIANA has been used for analyzing the experimental behavior of the tests. In earlier studies with the experimental facility it was shown that the stress distribution in the serviceability limit state is dominated by concentrated loads in the construction phase. In additional tests the behavior of the lining during construction is emphasized. In these tests initial gaps between the segments are prescribed in order to study the effect of concentrated load transfers. The data of the former tests and the intended tests will serve for validating the results of three dimensional FEM analyses. In this paper emphasis is placed upon the finite element model for analyzing the tests. Moreover, the experimental set-up is addressed as well as the measurements used for validating the numerical model. Finally the test results are compared to the results of the FEM model.

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