Partner Programs

Partner Application ProcessA Partner program is mutually beneficial to both Partner and DIANA FEA BV alike.  It is on this basis that the model is currently being expanded to assess anyone who wishes to join our growing team of Partners.

DIANA FEA BV recognises that local markets require local knowledge and with what we consider to be the best Civil/Geotechnical Engineering Finite Element tool on the market, success through cooperation will be inevitable.

Such an agreement is available in different formats depending on sector ability, market experience, projected sales forecasts and budgets and the ability to carry out support and/or localisation. Length of service within DIANA FEA BV sales will also contribute to level. It is imperative that Partners share the same passion for the product and are capable of delivering customer satisfaction and results.

  1. The ‘Premier’ Partner group provides sales and support with a good team to generate good customer relationships. Continued revenue, support, market understanding and localisation development are key to making a two way relationship work. The Partner will be responsible for all sales and marketing, with support from DIANA FEA BV. Regular annual meetings will pool all Partners together. A minimum revenue ceiling will be set according to the market conditions and exclusivity will be considered after several years of performance. Percentage revenue commission will be at the higher end of the range for performance, monitored annually.
  2. The ’Professional’ Partner group is non-exclusive and will also be the starting point for most new Partners in a new territory. Reviewed and renewed on an annual basis, the goal is to achieve Premier status, based on several years performance, that is in good collaboration with DIANA FEA BV, and meeting all required milestones. There, the level of support, sales and marketing will be higher than in this Professional group but this would be reflected in the commission model available to the Premier distributor group.
  3. The ’Percentage’ Partner is non-exclusive and based in a particular region, purely on a commission - that commission will be at the lower end of the incentive band. The Partner will always have the ability to move into the sales categories listed above but until then the customer will would be handed to DIANA FEA BV to service.

Ongoing annual evaluation, and working together, enables the Partner to progress with DIANA FEA BV. The following are essential components in the process:

  • Competitive products and dealer analysis for the territory. Longevity of product in relevant market sectors coupled with strengths and weaknesses and routes to market.
  • A financial 'health check' for the market at the outset.
  • Provided the above criteria are satisfactory then  the Partner will work together with DIANA FEA BV to develop and set targets and plan the business strategy, discuss the vertical markets sectors that are most relevant and develop the sales model accordingly. The starting point will be from the distributor but input will evolve in discussions from DIANA FEA BV. Routes to market, gathering market intelligence for networking will be key.
  • The Partner will fall into one of the pre-defined Partner categories above with room to grow between categories.