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Historically providing passage over obstacles such as valleys, difficult terrain or bodies of water, modern day bridges are expected to be longer, stronger and inherently become more complex in design. DIANA provides the tools to analyze both old and new.

Empower your vision for sustainable concrete structures

Simulate future bridge concepts 

Architectural design of bridges results in more complex shapes and the use of new durable materials. Assessment and prolonging life of existing bridges needs knowledge of nonlinear material behavior and the application of creative and modern strengthening techniques. These complex and challenging bridge engineering projects requires finite elements analyses.

DIANA’s extensive features and capabilities provide the most trusted platform for bridge designers to evolve their creativity, and the complexities of their bridge structures, from design to construction phase.

Design optimization and long term assessment of the bridge structure

Reduce material and increase performance 

The extensive and model code based material models libraries in conjunction with the variety of element types, including 3D solid elements, and the possibility of performing a nonlinear calculation provides DIANA always a solution and calculates the (remaining) capacity of all bridges. Design tools in DIANA, ease these calculations by creating mobile loads, and calculating normative loading.

Special features for bridge engineering

  • Full 3D modeling capabilities
  • Exchange with BIM and CAD programs
  • Advanced Modeling operation (sweep operation…)
  • Parametric modeling (via python scripting)1

1specific functionality for the analysis of box girder, post-tensioned and composite bridges

  • 2D & 3D elements (with high order up to cubic interpolation)
  • Cable/Truss/Layered Shell Elements
  • Embedded reinforcements with grids and bars defined independently from FE mesh
  • Composed Elements which allow calculating cross-section forces and bending moments in references places
  • Wide range of material models for the analysis of nonlinear concrete material behavior with possibility to combine with temperature and creep effects
  • Various Steel design model codes
  • Creep and shrinkage models according to different international design codes
  • Plasticity models for reinforcements
  • Easy definition and handling of load combinations and scanning over results from different load cases
  • Post-tensioned and prestressed loads
  • Mobile Loads2
  • Heat Flow boundaries (time dependent)

2specific functionality for the analysis of box girder, post-tensioned and composite bridges

  • Construction-staged analysis/Phased analysis3
  • Heat of Hydration of Concrete Analysis
  • Design checks of reinforcement grids4
  • Coupled thermo-stress with automatic conversion of temperature field to mechanical loading

3+4specific functionalities for the analysis of box girder, post-tensioned and composite bridges

  • Temperature output
  • Degree of reaction/equivalent age
  • Development of mechanical properties with time
  • Bending and force diagram
  • Deformed models
    Stress and strain contour plots for reinforcements
  • Crack plot
  • Design check output

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