Nuclear Facilities

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When safety is paramount, and projects are closely scrutinized – then choose the most reliable finite element analysis tool.

Reliable and clean source of energy

Sustainable and advanced technology to generate electricy 

Design and maintenance of nuclear structures is driven by the importance of “Prevention of accidents or mitigation of accident consequences”. Perfect safety cannot be guaranteed, but with advanced design, materials, construction and analysis, the risk can be minimized.

Effective and forward-thinking analysis for nuclear facilities

Broad range analysis capabilities for soil structure interaction simulation 

Whether it is a cooling tower, underground waste storage tanks or containment buildings, DIANA can provide the detailed analysis required by international building codes, to ensure the structure is not only fit-for-purpose now, but also in the future, and equipped to deal with extreme events such as earthquake or flood.

Special features in DIANA for nuclear facilities

  • Full 3D modeling capabilities
  • Exchange with BIM and CAD programs
  • Parametric modeling (via python scripting)
  • 2D & 3D elements (with high order up to cubic interpolation)
  • Embedded reinforcements with grids and bars defined independently from FE mesh
  • Composed Elements which allow calculating cross-section forces and bending moments in references places
  • Multi-directional Fixed cracking with strain decomposition, with possibility to combine with plastic failure for crushing and temperature and creep effects
  • Wide range of material models for the analysis of non-linear concrete material behavior
  • Total-strain crack models with fixed and rotating cracks for tensile and compressive failure, with possibility to combine with temperature and creep effects
  • Creep and shrinkage models according to different international design codes
  • Elasto-plastic models such as Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager, Rankine
  • Modified Maekawa-Fukuura model for cyclic loading conditions
  • Von-Mises plasticity with hardening for steel reinforcement, and several typical models for cyclic loading
  • User-supplied materials
  • Modified two-surface model for cyclic behavior of steel
  • Menegotto-Pinto, Monti Nuti, and Dodd Restreppo plasticity models for reinforcements
  • Easy definition and handling of load combinations and scanning over results from different load cases
  • Prestress in post-tensioning
  • Phased analysis to simulate decomissioning of nuclear facilities1
  • HFTD analysis
    Thermo-stress analysis

1specific functionality for concrete facilities

  • Bending and force diagram 
  • Temperature and flux contour plots
  • Deformed models
  • Stress and Strain contour plots for reinforcements
  • Crack plot

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