Structural Design

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Parametric design forms an integral part of modern digital engineering – enabling the creation of exceptional structural design of a range of concrete structures including buildings, bridges and slabs, at the same time allowing multiple disciplines to communicate and co-ordinate.

Integrated workflow for analysis and design

Optimize the model and increase the safety 

In the ecosystem of analysis and design of structures, data exchange including information regarding the model geometry, material parameters, loading & boundary conditions are essential.

DIANA can help you optimize generic workflows for design, analysis and parametric design by effectively communicating with cad/bim packages.

Engineering organizations can streamline projects by utilizing DIANA’s fully integrated environment from modeling and analysis to design checks, and by employing the powerful built-in python scripting capabilities.

Essential checks based on model codes

Model exchange and reliable design checks 

DIANA enables the user to perform the most important design checks based on the reference model codes, and in line with service limit state (sls) and ultimate limit state (uls). The same model can be further advanced in analysis in the form of a nonlinear failure simulation.

DIANA employs an iterative method to calculate the amount of reinforcement required, repeatedly analyzing the model until the moment capacity equals the (reinforcement) moment. This enables the engineer to accurately predict the amount, and spacing, of the reinforcement, in conjunction with the allowable crack openings – all according to design code.

Special features in DIANA for structural design

  • Full 3D modeling capabilities 
  • Exchange with BIM and CAD programs 
  • Parametric modeling (via python scripting) 
  • Curved and layered shell elements
  • Solid elements with composed surface or line elements
  • Plane stress (membrane) elements with composed line elements
  • Embedded reinforcements with grids and bars defined independently from FE mesh
  • Interface elements with linear behavior
  • Composed elements which allow for calculation of cross-section forces and bending moments in reference plans
  • Linear material models with defined nonlinear parameters
    • Tensile strength concrete
    • Compressive strength concrete
    • Yieldstress reinforcement
  • Concrete design codes (fib model code, Eurocode, …) 
  • Total-strain crack models with fixed and rotating cracks for tensile and compressive failure 
  • Von-Mises plasticity with hardening for steel reinforcement 
  • Material safety factors for SLS and ULS – input based on characteristics, mean or design values 
  • Reduced stiffness anchorage length for reinforcements
  • Easy definition of load cases with action type (permanent, variable, unique, traffic UDL or traffic TS) and combination factors 
  • Combination of actions for SLS (characteristic, frequent, quasi-permanent) and ULS (fundamental) 
  • Definition of traffic sets, combining UDL and TS traffic load cases
  • Normative loading automatically defines load combinations and envelopes to find the critical loading scenario
  • Design checks of reinforcement grids 
  • Cross sectional design checks in ULS and SLS 
  • Nonlinear calculation moments and shear force capacity
  • Required amount of reinforcement
  • Moment and shear force capacity
  • Unity checks on moments and shear forces
  • Distributed reinforcement moments
  • Combined reinforcement forces
  • Distributed and cross-section moments
  • Distributed and cross-section forces
  • Maximum crack-width at reinforcement and extreme fiber concrete
  • Deformed models
  • Normative loading
  • Pressure height

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