Strength of placed block revetments on dikes determined from field tests

C. M. Frissen (TNO Building and Construction Research, Delft, The Netherlands) H.L. Baker (Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Delft, The Netherlands) M. Klein Breteler (Delft Hydraulics, Delft, The Netherlands)

A numerical analysis on strength of placed block revetments in dike constructions is presented. A 3 dimensional finite element model is developed with physical and geometrical nonlinear characteristics for a very commonly used type of placed block revetment in the Netherlands. Earlier research showed that clamp-ing forces can have a relevant positive contribution to the strength of block revetments in dike constructions. But adopting these clamping forces in strength-calculations of dike constructions is still not standardized be-cause the relation between results from field-tests and wave loads is missing. To this end both field-tests and calculations of failure of the revetment caused by wave attack are numerical simulated. The general behavior of the model in both calculations is described and explained. A brief outline of parameter studies is given. The result is a relation between the strength measured during field-tests and failure in practice under wave attack.

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